How Managed IT Services Can Benefit Your Small Business

Managed IT services can be a great place to start for small businesses and can be something that works long-term, even after your business starts to grow. Information technology can be hard to justify in a small business, but having the support you need can be critical at times, so finding an affordable and flexible option may mean looking at managed IT for your company.

IT Services

For small businesses with only a few employees and a couple of workstations to deal with, hiring a dedicated IT person to be available all the time may seem like a waste of money. At the same time, it is critical that you have some resources to fall back on if a computer or workstation goes down and the fix is beyond your ability to deal with. 

Managed IT services are one option that many small businesses use because it gives the business a point of contact and some tech help if they need it, but does not require you to pay for someone to be on staff. The cost of managed IT services can often be tailored to the business to make it work better and keep it affordable. 

Flexible and Reliable

Businesses are becoming more and more mobile these days. With so many employees working remotely, managed IT services can be extremely flexible, allowing an employee to call in from anywhere they are and get help with a computer or system issue. The IT service or tech can often walk them through the problem and get them back up and running quickly.

More traditional IT services would require your employee to bring their computer in and have an inhouse tech look at it, but working with a remote IT service reduces the time the employee's equipment is down and the time they are unable to work. 

Local Support

If you need a technician in your local office for a major repair or upgrade, most managed IT services can set up a time for a technician to come to the business and work on the equipment or upgrade the services for you. The time will need to be scheduled in advance, so if you have a breakdown that can not be resolved with remote access or a phone call, you may experience some downtime. 

Larger managed IT services companies can often contract with IT technicians in your area to get someone there quickly if you need it, but check with the company you are working with to see if that is an option for you and if the cost of that service is worth it.