The Benefits Of Managed IT Services For A New Or Small Business

As your new or small business grows, you will have to invest in at least some computer hardware and network infrastructure. While you may have money for the initial setup, what about future troubleshooting or repair work? If you can't afford an in-house IT team or you want to avoid unexpected costs in the future, one possible solution would be to look into partnering with a firm that provides managed IT services for businesses like yours. Here are just some of the ways that the right IT service can assist your small business.

Fixed Monthly Costs You Can Budget For

Most managed IT services will operate by providing you with a fixed monthly cost in exchange for a certain level of support. You can always opt to change the amount you pay for the amount of support you need as plans change, but in general, managed IT will allow you to work the service into your monthly and annual budget. Every company that works with computers or servers is going to have IT issues eventually, but partnering with a managed IT firm will let you budget for the unknown instead of having to scramble on a case-by-case basis to get the issue fixed, which could end up being significantly more expensive depending on what's gone wrong.

No Need For An In-House Team

Another option would of course be to hire your own in-house IT staff. But keep in mind that in many cases, this would mean also paying for things like a 401K match or health benefits, which drives up the cost of labor further for your company. Also consider the fact that you might only need IT to leap into action when something is not working as intended. Some days might be better than others, and you could end up having people on the payroll that don't actually have a whole lot to do while on the clock. With managed IT, you pay a fixed cost and the team will respond as needed. You won't have to pay extra for things like health care, and you won't have a whole in-house department that's just sitting around on some days.

Support On An As-Needed Basis

Some managed IT firms can provide 24-hour support. If it's clear you have a serious issue, your managed IT service can throw more manpower at the problem without increasing your fixed monthly cost.

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