Taking The Mystery Out Of Remote Support

First reactions to remote support can be pretty interesting. Some people are amazed by technicians being able to control the computer from afar, while others may be uncomfortable, afraid or even angry by the idea that it's possible. Much of the technology behind remote support was in place before most computer users had their first tap of the keyboard, but it's still understandable that remote support can be a bit overwhelming. Read More 

Keeping Your Business’s Data And Information Secure: What You Should Know

When you began your own business, your primary concern was about getting customers and generating more profits and business. You were not as worried about your company's data and file security. However, as you garner more clients and therefore more business-sensitive information and you add on more employees who will be accessing that information on a regular basis, you begin to think more and more about keeping data and information more secure. Read More 

Three Keys To Getting The Most Out Of Your Line Of Credit

Having a line of credit can be an excellent endeavor for you if you want some spending flexibility in your personal or professional life. However, a quick glance at the news lets you know that countless people have misused their credit, which can lead to ruin and despair in your financial life. If you want to make the most of your line of credit in a way that is responsible and useful, take advantage of this information and use it to your advantage. Read More 

Laptop Performance Problems: Virus Or Not Virus?

It's hard to pinpoint the cause of laptop performance problems, since many different causes have seemingly similar symptoms. For many people, a slow computer is the stopping point with any other issues well beyond their level of knowledge. If you want to be informed during a repair or repair the problem yourself, take the time to understand a few deeper causes of computer performance problems and how to troubleshoot them. Read More 

Data Redundancy And Recovery Options For Individual Use

"Back up your data" is a piece of advice that is often said, and often ignored. It's such a simple task for technicians and can be an affordable service when compared to what could be lost, but humans can be complacent unless faced with adversity. If you've had a recent data loss scare or need a reminder about how to get your started, take a look at a few different redundancy and recovery planning steps. Read More