3 Ways To Merge Cyber Security With Law Enforcement

If you are considering going into law enforcement, cyber security is an ideal minor or advanced degree when you think about the different ways the Internet is used in organized crime. Having a background in cyber security can make you more attractive in the job market and potentially qualify you for highly-specialized tasks within law enforcement in a cyber security career. Human Trafficking Human trafficking is an increasingly common problem. Unfortunately, the people caught in these types of crimes are often used for manual labor, with little to no compensation, or in other cases, children and adults become part of the sex trade. Read More 

What Makes A Password Bad Or Good?

If you're not a security expert, it's hard to understand why password complexity is so important. There's a whole world of information leaks, system breaches, and failed security that the general public doesn't see, and the high stakes are hidden under the hood so to speak--the job of any good Information Technology (IT) department is to go unnoticed if there isn't a problem. To figure out why your passwords are rated at different levels and why it matters, here are a few password security details. Read More 

2 Reasons to Utilize a Managed Cloud Service

Managed cloud services are a fantastic resource for any business owner due to the sheer number of benefits that it can provide. Cloud services work by having a large number of different servers and computers sharing the load of hosting your websites or data that you can then access via the Internet. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a managed cloud service. Provides Reliability One of the biggest benefits to utilizing a managed cloud service is the fact that it can provide you with peace of mind due to the fact that it is extremely reliable. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Your Company Might Want To Hire A Professional IT Service

If you own or are responsible for running a business, you know that there are always what seems like a million different things to stay on top of. If your business uses computers or technology in general as part of day to day operations, then it can be quite frustrating when that technology fails you. It's for this reason that more and more companies today are choosing to bring in an IT professional to assist them with their computer issues. Read More 

The Important Differences Between Computer Backup And Computer Restore

People who are not computer-savvy are often confused by computer repair lingo. This is dangerous, since you could accidentally erase everything on your computer or activate viruses. Another example of the headaches with computers is the process of backing up a computer versus restoring it. Here are the very important differences between these two processes, and why you definitely do not want to do one before you do the other. Read More