When Is A Cloud Solution The Answer For A Problem?

Cloud solutions have become very popular over the last decade. However, it's important to understand when cloud services are the right answer for a problem. You should consider taking advantage of the cloud in these four circumstances.

Long-Term Scalability Concerns

The cloud is frequently an ideal solution when you need to address scalability issues without adding infrastructure. A major advantage of cloud solutions is that they allow you to add resources automatically.

If you have a web server that stores large amounts of data, for example, hosting it on the cloud will allow you to add storage as your site's user base grows. There's no need to add servers for more storage or to distribute the load because your cloud services will handle it immediately.

Short-Term and Massive Computational Power

Although people often associate cloud services with storage, they're also increasingly capable of performing computations. If you need to add CPU or GPU instances to deal with a massive set of calculations, it might be easier to handle that job on the cloud. A major upside is that you can forget about the instances once the job is done. Those resources will rotate to someone else's task. The net benefit is that you're not paying for idled resources.

Centralization From the Edge

With the advent of IoT and edge devices, the cloud has stepped in as the central point for many systems. If you have a bank of sensors spread across a large geographic area, for example, it might be easier to collect their data in a cloud computing instance. Each component reports to the cloud-hosted system, and then you can pull the information from it whenever you're ready.

An added benefit is that the central cloud-based hub can send instructions out to edge and IoT devices. If you need to update the database that each one uses, you can send that out from your central cloud instead. It's also possible to pass communications from one device to another by this method.

Redundancy and Resilience

Backing up data to the cloud is one of its more established functions. If you have critical information, such as a code repository, storing it with cloud services can ensure it will survive a catastrophic failure. If your computer goes down, you can relax knowing there's a copy on the cloud, and you can use it to restore the data once you get your computer situation under control.

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